Dottie and Caroline

The Mystical Majesty Band concert

John is shushed by granddaughter

Anne, Ellen, Jean and Jennifer Palm Sunday Crafts

Feed the Northeast Food Drive

Haley's craft project
Christmas Crafts

Splash the Donkey
Palm Sunday Processional

Paterson Homeless Dinner Preparation

Upcoming events

Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal – 10/25/2018 at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Quilters (in Fellowship Hall) – 10/25/2018 at 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Paterson Shelter Dinner – 11/17/2018 at 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Ladies' Luncheon at Fino's – 12/04/2018 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Our Community

Zion has a mixture of white-collar, blue-collar and retired members who mostly do NOT live in actual Saddle River. We are as friendly as you can get while still being largely German-American, and think of ourselves as an actual family….

Worship Style

A Pentecostal woman comes into a Lutheran Church and sits behind a pair of ladies just as the service begins. She follows along as best she can, standing up and sitting down with the rest of the congregation as instructed by the pastor…

Our Groups

Our purpose is to spread the Gospel through service to others, which can be much more fun than it sounds (or less, as the plunger-wielding members of the Property Committee could attest)…

Ministries and Groups

Paterson Shelter Dinner Preparation

Zion has recently taken over the ministry of feeding the men in a Paterson homeless shelter each month. You can participate in this much-appreciated, Gospel-compatible ministry by donating cash or foodstuffs, by helping to cook the meals we serve, and/or by going with us to Paterson to help serve the meals.

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Not “Quitters” (they will not stop until all of the fabric squares are sewn), the WELCA/Quilting group gather weekly to stitch quilts from tasteful pieces of fabric and heap unstinting praise on the men in their lives. Seamstress skills are not necessary…though an acute fear of needles is disqualifying.

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Contemporary Music – Praise Band

The Chicago Folk Service is a legitimate Lutheran liturgy (based on the old red book) but is more upbeat and joyful than the Lutheran Book of Worship liturgies we use on other Sundays. The cool thing about a church our size is that you don’t need to be a professional musician to help us lead the service. If you are a guitarist with more than three chords to your name, a fair-to-middling woodwind player, keyboardist or something else musical (surprise us) we can put your talent to use.

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Dinners for Eight

Though Lutheran humility restrains us from saying so, we are scintillating conversationalists, and love to get together and swap stories over dinner in groups of roughly eight over the course of the year. Apartment-dwellers: you need not be in a position to host seven other people in order to participate, but you should ideally be willing to cook at one of the other participant’s houses or bring more than your fair share of wine or beer (we are not Baptists). At this point, we really want your involvement so raise your hand and we’ll work something out.

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Men’s Group

Idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop, which is why ours are gripping beer. Though we will probably hold off on re-starting our monthly Men’s Breakfasts until after our new pastor is installed, we occasionally get together for drinks at local bars and if you sign up we will keep you aware of where/when.

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Sanctuary Choir

Sanctuary choir: throughout the school year and especially during high church holidays like Christmas and Easter, the choir provides music for processionals, the offertory, recessionals and assorted other elements of the service. Individual choir members frequently perform solos, accompanied by Susan Gadd, our Director of Music.

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Game Nights

Those of us trying to recapture the glory days of our Advanced Dungeons & Dragons youth now frequently play similarly-nerdy worker placement games like Agricola or Puerto Rico, or just plain old Risk (contra “The Princess Bride,” we will not shun a land war in Asia.” Please indicate any game allergies and time limitations.

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Special Music

Susan Gadd (BMus) zips all around Bergen County teaching piano, and though you don’t need to be one of her students to volunteer to perform special music (the entrance or exit hymn, hymn of the day or offertory) but there’s little hope of you avoiding performing special music if you are one of her students. Poly-instrumentalists like Dr. Ed (guitar, trumpet, organ (?!), and tenor vocals) she keeps on speed dial.

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Bell Choir

Bell Choir: our high church holiday worship experiences (especially Christmas) are enhanced by the bell choir. Bells can be a gateway drug for other, more challenging instruments, because all you need in order to play is a sense of rhythm and reasonably strong wrists (you can use colored highlighters to mark your notes red and green for “right” and “left”). If you have a poor sense of rhythm but very strong wrists, you can still help on the low bass notes (see also “Sanctuary choir: Bass”). If you have a fantastic sense of rhythm and are pretentious, you can play up to four bells by chaining them together and snapping your wrists violently this way and that as though forcing bystanders to smell your perfume.

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