The Mission of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saddle River, New Jersey is to be a gathering place for all God’s people which has as its center the teachings of God’s Word, the Holy Scriptures and the administration of the Holy Sacraments.

Pastor Smith

Earlier this year, Pastor Smith heard the call to Virginia (this is not a Lutheran euphemism for “Heaven,” he literally accepted a call to a parish in Virginia) and we are in the process of identifying and calling his replacement, whose photograph will appear in this space when he or she is revealed.  If you are a Lutheran pastor seeking a full-time call to a fun, lively and Gospel-driven parish, and can visualize your photo on this page, please make yourself known to us and/or our Bishop, who is collaborating with us to identify candidates.

Our Affiliation

Our Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( New Jersey Snyod (