Confirmation–for those of you unfamiliar with infant baptism–is the ceremony by which a junior-high-aged child confirms his or her adult understanding of the faith into which he or she was baptized (though Lutherans believe that we can never truly understand the magnitude of the baptismal gift that was given to us in any real way). Back in the Olden Days, kids used to receive years of instruction leading up to a high-stakes interrogation by the Pastor in front of the congregation, during which any part of Luther’s not-actually-all-that-small Small Catechism was fair game for from-memory recitation.  Like Marine Boot Camp, a Navy equator-crossing ceremony or an IRS audit, this was a tough rite of passage, and you can see in the eyes of some of the oldsters that they think the current crop is getting off easy.

But we digress….

For maximum instructional efficiency and to socialize our kids with other kids who we hope will be a good influence (though those kids’ parents are hoping the same thing about our kids, so we’re not sure which direction that arrow points) we have joined forces with two other churches to teach Confirmation material to the combined group.  We say this by way of disclosing that not all of the kids in the photos below go to Zion, though they are welcome to defect at any time (heh-heh-heh…..)