Zion has been around almost 200 years….the land on which the church was built was purchased directly from the Indian tribe which lived in the Saddle River area. The church building is on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places (which is why we’re not allowed to move the altar away from the back wall of the sanctuary–something that throws visiting pastors for a loop when they come here) and is delightful and homey in a creaky sort of way. The acoustics are so good that we don’t use amps and speakers, and kids climb up to the balcony (pushing past the choir and bell choir) to evade the supervision of their parents.

Our Fellowship Hall

Where Sunday School is taught, meetings are held and where we gather for big events–is spacious and bright with a modern industrial kitchen, and is available to rent for parties of up to 150 people. The facility is used throughout the week by various community organizations. A woodchuck lives beneath the foundation, but doesn’t seem to bother anyone.


Our cemetery contains one mausoleum and many historic graves (some of whose gravestones are weathered beyond reading), including the final resting places of service members who gave their lives in service to our country (whose graves are gaily decorated by their surviving family members on Memorial Day). It is a love place for peaceful contemplation and plots are available for Zion’s members to purchase.

The Parish House

The Parish House (which was originally an 1800s-era barn) has been leased to the Body Image, which provides (description of services).


If you come to church any later than about 9:52 AM (earlier on festival Sundays like Easter), the parking spaces adjacent to the Church building will be occupied by Zion members and Body Image clients, so please go across the street to the elementary school, park there, and walk across to the Church. If you see any Body Image clients on your way in (they are more likely to be wearing SpandexTM), please smile and nod at them (whatever you do, don’t scowl as though judging them for not joining you for worship….for all we know they went the Saturday night before). They are good tenants doing good work and we like having them as neighbors.