Zion has a mixture of white-collar, blue-collar and retired members who mostly do not live in Saddle River. We are as friendly as you can get while still being largely German-American, and think of ourselves as an actual family.
We celebrate older members’ birthdays (Ed and Frieda just turned 101) and younger members’ academic and athletic achievements, sponsor scouting projects, and mobilize music talent from across the congregation. We have social hours out front during the summer when the weather is nice and look for other excuses to get together and socialize.

We are in the process of calling a Pastor to Zion.  We keep busy with events like Beatles Night and serve at the Paterson’s Men’s Shelter monthly.

Please watch the Events section on the home page for opportunities to join us in service and/or celebration. We post new events as they draw nearer, and there will be lots of stuff happening this holiday season.