“Eli’s answer is remarkable. He actually believes Hannah. He takes her pain seriously, and he turns sharply from scorn to trust and blessing. It seems that, in Eli, God answers Hannah. He blesses her: “Go in peace; the God of Israel grant the petition you have made to him.” God listens to Hannah; she sleeps with her husband and “the Lord remembers her.” She has a son: Samuel, one of the great prophets of Israel..”

“Prophets and Priests: God’s Response to Sexual Abuse” – Seminarian Leif McLellan

“Some of the great human stories aren’t played out in front of thousands of adoring fans, nor affirmed by loud applause. Like the patient caregiver who tirelessly cares for the physical and emotional needs of a single bedridden patient or family member. Or the soldier who risks his or her life to protect our safety and freedom. Or the individuals with very little resources who nonetheless … drop two small copper coins in as the offering plate passes by in church—a little drop in a vast sea of need. Yes, these are the silent, anonymous champions of the human spirit. Upon their faithfulness the world turns, and the Kingdom of God advances.”

“The Unsung Heroes of Faith” – Rev. Richard Bowman

“The Epistle – second reading for this day, from Romans, is the gem of the Reformation, for Staupitz and Luther in their day and for us in our time: God puts those who have sinned against God into a right relationship with God, justifying them as a free gift, completely apart from anything deserved or even decided. In other words, God takes the initiative to make friends out of those who are enemies because they have fallen from God’s exacting demands of God’s law.”

“Getting By With a Little Help from Our Friends” – Rev. John Havrilla