Since retail stores no longer even wait for Thanksgiving before hauling out Christmas decorations and blaring holiday songs, we refuse to call this a “Christmas Crafts Workshop,” but that’s kind of what it is.

Ease yourself into the Advent/Christmas season and make some childhood memories by bringing your children/grandchildren to paint/color their choices of Christmas-themed craft projects.

Each table has a project (and materials) of varying degrees of difficulty and beauty, all of which are suitable for young children but adolescents and adults also find them strangely absorbing.

There is no entry charge, plenty of free food/drinks/snacks and you pay only a freewill offering (to help cover the costs of materials) for each of the projects you (and your tykes) take on.

Or just sit back, eat enjoy the festivities and meet some new friends.

Who:  Zion kids and craft enthusiasts and hopefully YOU.

What:  Advent Craft Workshop

Where:  Zion’s Fellowship Hall (if you turn in towards the cemetery and keep going, you’ll see it).

When:  Sunday November 14, right after church (approximately 11:00 am).