“Contemporary Worship” is one of those terms–like “Aloha” or “Shalom”–which mean very different things to different people:

  • For some, it means an almost liturgy-free songfest with synthesizers, electric guitars and an optional light show, interrupted at some point by a sermon and with an offering and altar call.
  • For others, it takes the form of a bluegrass service with acoustic instruments, including mandolins, violins and a banjo.
  • In Zion’s case, at this point in time, it takes the form of the 70s-era Chicago Folk Service (“CFS”).

The CFS is a piano-and-guitar-based contemporary worship service based on the old Service Book and Hymnal (“SBH”) “Red Book.” We do it approximately once per month in place of our regular Lutheran Book of Worship service.

If you enjoy folk/bluegrass worship, we encourage you to come experience it with us.  The congregation’s version of the liturgy is shown below, with sound samples of some of the pieces.

(Our goal is to grow interest in (and demand for) this excellent worship service.  We do not hold copyright to any of the material.

  • Purchase copies of the accompaniment edition here.
  • The booklet-sized pew edition (which you will need if you want to start this service at your church) is here.)

Musicians:  please take a look at the music below.  Guitarists, please look at the chords pictured to the right.

If you are a local musician who would like to play with us, we will purchase you a copy of the piano/musician’s version of the music and coordinate times to practice.  We want to have you aboard.