Zion’s church building is on the National Registry of Historic Places, which is a tremendous honor, but which prevents us from making architectural alterations.

Among other things, this means that:

  • Worship leaders face back towards the altar, with their backs to the congregation, instead of towards us, as though we are gathered around a table, and;
  • Our phone-booth-sized narthex cannot be enlarged, making our after-church conversations more intimate than is appropriate for a Christian setting.

We compensate for the latter problem by:

  • Having social hours outdoors from the Spring-Fall when the weather is nice;
  • Hosting community dinner events in the modern, spacious and extremely rentable Fellowship Hall, and;
  • Arranging Dinners for Eight groups each Autumn.

How this works is:  a list is made of interested participants, and we try to re-arrange them in such a way that extroverts and introverts are evenly distributed, and new people are sprinkled among the old people.  Each couple (and pair of non-couple singles) hosts a dinner at their house or apartment, either cooking the main course (while the other couples bring drinks or sides dishes) or providing the whole dinner.

We have locked our groups down for the 2018-2019 dining season, but if you are interested in participating, let us know and we will shoehorn you in.  The Eight part of Dinners for Eight has no scriptural basis and we are free to expand or contract the groups as necessary.