12/14/2018 Update:  a subset of our original group met December 14th at the AB&G and worked back down the list below to see which activities we could pursue in the time remaining this year with the personnel available.  These are:

  • Men’s Group Monthly meetings:  we will regularize these on one TBD Wednesday evening per month.
  • Men’s Bible Study: on December 28 at 8:00 pm at Jonathan’s house we will start having once/month on the Wednesday evenings we don’t have monthly Men’s Group meetings, using the Master Builder’s Bible for Men (which Jonathan has used before in Texas.
  • Football games:  we moved too slowly on this to catch any regular season games, but Phil is checking to see whether he can find a good playoff game for us to attend as a group.

We will put these on the website calendar as we firm them up.

9/26/2018:  We are starting the Men’s Group back up after a period of relative inactivity.  Our last meeting (at the excellent Allendale Bar & Grill) was September 26, during which time we discussed activities we could do together, including:

  1. Monthly Men’s breakfasts:  some might attend if it’s Saturday at 9:00 (earlier is not workable and some can’t do Saturdays at all).  Out working assumption is that we would have breakfast, a hymn, and a Bible Study.
  2. Cards/Games at someone’s house:  checking with various members.
  3. Drink/Darts in Stephen’s basement/bar:  Stephen is confirming when he could do this.
  4. Weekday daytime Bible study:  Jonathan and Karl are the only ones who expressed interest in this, so “no” for now.
  5. West Point Saturday tailgate and game:  Richard agreed to research some dates that would be affordable but with reasonably good games.
  6. Friday Night High School football game:  Ramapo, Ridgewood, Paramus or Bergen Catholic:  Jonathan is researching and will send recommendations.
  7. Skeet shooting:  Stephen and Jonathan are interested, may go without the rest of you.
  8. Bowling:  in Montvale (was Richard’s suggestion).  Everyone seemed to like bowling.  Is everyone cool with Montvale?  Counterpropose other locations if not.
  9. Golf:  Ed Hedlund and possibly one other person (Karl?) would do that, the rest of us are less interested.

Other Zion events/activities discussed (for Zion generally, not just the Men’s Group) include:

  1. Pre-Superbowl breakfast January 26th (MC’d by Karl Nelson and Bruce Harper):  apparently this is already council-approved, it just needs to be scheduled and staffed.  I am happy to cook for this.
  2. Christmas party with singing:  possibly at Jonathan’s, he will check their schedules.
  3. Saturday 5:30 pm Contemporary Worship:  Jonathan/Susan can lead but Jonathan is leery of preaching every Saturday night.  Jonathan pitched a rotation schedule to Vice Pastor Jenny (which is similar to something Stephen had discussed with her at a shared ministry meeting) and she has since replied that she might be able to support this but not until January.  Jonathan asked her if she could do it sooner if he leads the worship and she just preached.  Will advise what she says and whether Susan and I opt to push forward without her assistance.
  4. Dance:  Richard says that we used to host dances in the Fellowship Hall.  We think it would be hard to replicate this success from a standing start without a recent history of doing this and kids’ modern musical tastes.
  5. St. Patrick’s Day dinner:  Stephen says that we make no money off events (e.g. Casino Night) in which we cater in the food, but if we cooked our own food and had a St. Patrick’s Day dance, that might be fun and profitable.  Related idea:  a spaghetti and meatball dinner.
  6. Chili Dinner:  Stephen is on the hook to try to organize one of these this autumn, since the last one was very successful and profitable.
  7. Don Carlos (sp?) concert:  Donna has been working with the booking agent of this professional violinist/vocalist who does a music ministry to homeless/vets/prisoners funded by tickets he sells to concerts for the rest of us.  Is trying to see if a spring concert could be done sharing logistic expenses with Saddle River.  Phil, please keep us updated on this.
  8. Oktoberfest:  will not be done this year but one is scheduled for next year.
  9. Trivia Night:  Richard said these had been done in the past.  Sounds potentially fun.
  10. Caroling/Hospice singing:  at various times in the past Susan has corralled some of us to carol at a retirement home and/or for housebound/hospice members.  We could do this more regularly.  Proposed this idea to Susan, will advise what she says.
  11. Ed Hedlund Sing-Along:  we need more details on this suggestion.
  12. Bingo:  Richard suggested this would be easy to do and we have enough Bingo enthusiasts to do this.

We will follow up with an email message on this and discuss which are actionable and next steps for each.