The Quilters provide an impressive number of quilts to Lutheran World Relief, working on them throughout the year and then boxing them up for shipment on a special “Quilt Sunday” on which we can see the results of all their hard work. Quilts are a simple but powerful statement to people all over the globe (who may or may not have a positive opinion of our country) that a handful of Americans care about them and want them to be warmer.

Quilts are sent to communities in constant need and in response to natural disasters all over the world. Although quilts can be used as bed coverings (typically for several people), and warmth, they can also be used as a baby carrier, a sack, a sunshade, a market display, a room divider, a shawl and in many other ways most of us couldn’t imagine. They are much more than just a clean new blanket.

Lutheran World Relief has two large warehouses, one in Minnesota and one in Maryland. Quilts fabricated by Zion’s quilters (of which there were 66 in 2018) are taken to the Baltimore Maryland warehouse, sorted and baled, loaded on freighters and shipped to where they are needed. They are then distributed by LWR or one of its many partners; the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the Catholic Organization for Development and Solidarity and International Orthodox Christian Charities, to name just a few.

According to the Quilt Tracker, the list of our 2018 quilts’ destination countries is as follows:

  • Philippines
  • Burkina Faso
  • Tanzania
  • Ukraine
  • Angola
  • Mali
  • Georgia
  • Ethiopia