The Lutheran Book of Worship “Green Book” replaced the post-WWII Service Book and Hymnal “Red Book” and was a collaboration/compromise which was to have been used by all of the major strains of American Lutheran Christianity (Lutheran Church in America, American Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod and American Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Missouri Synod) but was never adopted by Missouri.  The other three Synods adopted it and later came together to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (“ELCA”).

The LBW has three liturgy “settings” of increasing musical complexity–Settings 1 and 2 are used during “regular” parts of the church year, while the darker (and debatably prettier) Setting 3 is usually used in he reflective church seasons of Lent and Advent.  If you’re Roman Catholic you will recognize the main elements of the service.

The LBW was supplemented in 1995 by the slim, blue, paperback With One Voice “Blue Book,” which is also in use at Zion, and which contains many popular, peppier hymns which did not make the LBW’s printing.